Stone brackets

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In its most basic form, an architectural bracket is simply an L-shaped structure that is used to support roof eaves, bay windows, balconies, and other add-ons to a building's exterior. Brackets are installed in such a way that the vertical portion rests flat against the wall of the building, while the horizontal portion protrudes out from the wall to support the structure. Soon after brackets began being used in construction applications, individuals noticed that this architectural element, in addition to being very practical, was also quite striking. Today, many brackets serve a decorative rather than a functional purpose.

RETOP has crafted absolutely breathtaking brackets for some of the world's finest hospitality locations. The beauty of our brackets can be enhanced with intricate scrollwork, exciting textures, and truly amazing finishes that you'll have to see to believe. Our materials can mimic the look of much more expensive materials like quarried stone, bronze, gold, and limestone, and the CNC cutting with CAD allows us to achieve precise and perfect results each and every time.

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