Stone composite epoxy

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Stone composite epoxy
  These products are especially used for the assembly of the same materials or compound of different materials, including stone slabs and granites, marbles, ceramic, aluminum sheet glass, wood, inorganic board and plastic board.
  This system can be hardened at normal temperature and under damp conditions. Excellent resistant to yellowing phenomena,the low viscosity allows it available to automatic spray application.
  The quality is up to the National Standard GB24264, safety has passed test by REACH, ROHS and LD50 environmental standard.

Stone composite epoxy list
Product Mixing ratio
weight) Gel.
Tim Viscosity Feature Applicable Scope
KW6681 Stone Composite Epoxy 2:1 20-35min High
High strength, heat resistance, humidity resistance, ageing resistance, freeze-thaw resistance
Used for the composite of ceramic and marble
KW6678 Stone Composite Epoxy 2:1 20-35min High
Curing well in moisture condition, good ageing resistance
Used for the composite of natural stone which are not full dry.
KW6638 Stone Composite Epoxy 2:1 30-50min Medium
Good yellowing resistance
Used for the composite of stone with good yellowing resistance
KW6686 Stone Composite Epoxy 2:1 10-20min Big
Creamy paste, almost no yellowing,impermeable, retain stone original color, easy to be pigmented
Used for the composite of white stone and onyx with ceramic and granite, which require not to change the stone color.
KW6685 Stone Composite Epoxy 2:1 40-60min High
Ageing resistance, water proof, temperature resistance, UV light resistance
Used for the composite of stone with ceramic in outdoor and granite
KW6687 UV resin One component product 20s Low
High strength, no yellowing, curing by light, translucency, no air bubble, used for compositing of large area, high efficiency
Used for the composite of glass with stone
KW6683 Glass Composite Epoxy 2:1 60-80min Low
High bonding strength, good yellowing resistance, transparency
Used for the composite of glass with onyx
KW6658 Aluminum Honeycomb Composite 1:1 30-40min Medium
High peel strength, good tenacity, low shrinkage, non- poisonous
Used for the composite of aluminum honeycomb, aluminum panel with natural stone
KW6682 Fast-curing epoxy 5:1 20-35min Medium
High composite strength,fast curing
Used for the fast curing,automatic heating line

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