Super White Quartz

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Super White Quartz - Man-made product, crushed quartz mixed with additives, extremely hard, durable, scratch resistant, non porous surface, stain resistant, not heat resistant
In general, quartz is typically stronger in flexibility and hardness and less porous than natural stone, but not in all cases. Its resin and other binding agents will continue to harden over time and this eventually leads to loss of flexural strength over time. Because the resins and additives are not UVA stable, quartz should not be used outdoors. Heat can damage Quartz because of the additives. Therefore pots should not be placed directly on the surface of any Quartz countertop. Quartz is durable and can be used for countertops, vanities, and desktops.

Super White Quartz Brief Deion
Slab Size:
3200 x 1600mm or 126x63'
3000 x 1500mm or 120 x 60'
3000 x 1400mm or 120 x 55'
15mm (0.6') ,16.5mm (0.65'),20mm (0.8')and 30mm (1.2')
Super White Quartz Countertop Standard Size:
Vanity Top: 25'x 22', 31'x22', 37'x22', 49'x22', 61'x22'
Kitchen Top: 25 1/2'x96', 26'x96', 25 1/2'x108', 26 1/2'x108'
Kitchen Island: 98'x42', 76'x42', 76'x36', 86'x42', 96'x36'
Countertop Snack Bar: 18'x98', 18'x108'

Super White Quartz is Quartz Stone from China, welcome to buy Super White Quartz with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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