Surf Green Granite

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Main Color: Green
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Surf Green Granite has a unique shade of pista green colour for its background. It has amazing natural waves and green flower like patterns over its base colour. This green granite is a wonderful stone, which enhances the beauty, elegance and quality of the residential and commercial structures. The stone is sturdy in nature. therefore, frequently used in heavy traffic areas such as commercial hubs, airports, and bridges.
This granite can withstand extreme temperatures and is scratch resistant. This makes the stone interior as well as exterior decor friendly. It can be used for pavements, garden decors, restaurants, swimming pools, washing areas, flooring, backsplashes, roof ceiling, and wall cladding.
This all-purpose granite stone is available with NatureRocks in abundance. The company exports premium quality green granite in various forms such as, tiles, slabs and countertops to overseas clients. Different finish is given to the stone as per the client's requirements.
This is a great option for commercial places with an artistic design. It not only gives a sophisticated look, but also an artistic appeal.
Quarry area: Andhra Pradesh, South-East India
Number of Quarries: 2

When you want to redecorate your home by giving it a natural look then this is one of the best options available in the market.

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