Terracotta Wall Cladding Tiles 240x60x9mm

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Stone Color: Red
Surface Finish: Natural

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Item Model: DV01 B
Material: Natural clay, Eco green materials,
Size: 60x240x9mm (WxLxTh)
Usage: Wall cladding Decoration
Category: Cotto Tiles
Brandname: Cladding Tiles
Color: Burgundy

1.Cladding Tiles Light Red
Product Specification
Item Model DV01 B Certification ISO 9001:2008
Size(mm) 60x240x9 MOQ 1500m2
Surface Finish Natutal Flat Packing Wooden pallate and poly film cover
Material Natural clay Port Hai Phong Port
Lead Time 30 days Payment term TT/LC
Weight(kg/pc) 0.28 Pcs/m2 70

2. Cladding Tiles Usage
Cladding Tiles is one of our most famous products for low cost structure and high quality by using our “mystery” clay resources and green building material, widely export to Taiwan, India, Korea, USA

3. Normal Colors
Light Red, Burgundy, Chocolate, Cappuchino , Sandy, Light grey, Dark grey…. and other Glazed Color

4. Other Dimensions: Width x Length x Thickness(mm)
227x60x12 (Mainly for Taiwan Market)
268x75x9 (Mainly for India Market)
*OEM are available

Its technical data
Size error max ± 2mm Resistance to abrasion ≤393mm3
Thickness error max ± 10 Modulus of ambient weather ≤0,6mm/m
Side traight and right angle with in ±0.5 Modulus of ambient temperature ≤10.10/C
Water absorption ≤6 Frost resistence No crack in -100 C
Bending Strenght ≥20N/mm2 Resistance to acidand alkali AA

5. Its strengths and benefits
Made by the natural clay, 100 green material, safe for your customer.
Never fading, your projects will not old in one hundred years.
Highly resist acid and alkaline, low heat noise insulation, maintain comfortable environment inside your building.
Environmental protection of processing.

Terracotta Wall Cladding Tiles 240x60x9mm is Wall Stone from Vietnam, welcome to buy Terracotta Wall Cladding Tiles 240x60x9mm with good quality and price from Vietnam suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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