The Best Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

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The Best Granite Countertops for White Cabinets

Bright white kitchen cabinets can lighten and brighten the kitchen design dramatically. They can also provide a highlight or a contrast for various colors of granite countertops. If you have white cabinets in your kitchen and are planning on granite counters, consider what style you want the kitchen to fall into when you are finished. From classic to contemporary, the combination of granite and white cabinets can speak volumes.

Warm It up

White can often be clean and bright, but it can also be stark. If there are warm colored wood floors in your kitchen, use a warm colored granite on top of the white cabinets as well, which will make the white look crisp and clean rather than stark or overly bright. Look at stones like Vyara, Madurai Gold, Giallo Venezio, Giallo Ornamentale, St. Cecelia and Boreal. When you look at the slabs, inspect the stones for flecks or veins of white among the darker tones. This small amount of white in a darker, warmer granite will help tie in the cabinets and keep the counters from providing too much of a contrast.

Classic Design

One of the most classic combinations in kitchen design is to use white cabinets with a darker counter in either a deep green or near black. To keep from getting too modern, stay away from solid black counters, and look for dark colored stones that have just a hint of white in them. Uba Tuba, Butterfly, Costa Smerelda, Laurentian Green and Wild West are all good choices to pair with white. Look for a stone that has a secondary color fleck that also picks up the floor color for best results, such as Uba Tuba with a creamy yellow floor or Costa Smerelda with lighter natural wood tones.

Contemporary Design

Black countertops on white cabinets are used frequently in contemporary designs, and Absolute Black granite in either honed or polished finish is a natural choice. For a slightly more exotic or more updated look, use a slightly different stone instead. Black Pearls offers a sleek black counter with a mica fleck to highlight the white cabinets, while Black Marrinache showcases white and gray stones against a black background, ideal to pick up the white cabinets and add interest to the kitchen. For a more subtle contemporary look with white cabinets, choose a sleek gray granite instead of black. Cardosa, Pietra and Steel Gray will provide a subtle, cool toned contrast to the white cabinets without putting them into stark relief.

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