The Best Ways Of Cleaning Granite Tiles

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Granite is a natural stone that oozes luxury and sophistication. Granite tiles spell class and richness. They have a unique beauty because of their special colours and sparkle. Though the stones are highly durable, following some simple tips can keep the shine long-lasting. Cleaning granite tiles is a simple process and accomplished by the use of dust mops or brooms. Granite is hard wearing and used in high traffic areas. In such areas, there is a large accumulation of dust. Use a soft broom to clear the dust and wipe with a soft mop. While using a wet mop, wring it well and wipe the surface. Avoid using any kind of chemical cleaners, which might dull the surfaces. Use only recommended cleaners in the right quantity to clean the surfaces.

Basic soap along with water might not be enough to get rid of the dirt completely. Excessive use of soap might dull the surfaces. Most flooring outlets sell cleaners meant specifically for use on granite tiles. Use this along with a soft brush for removing the dirt and grime. Do not use harsh and abrasive scourers while scrubbing the stains. If the floor is frequented by kids and pets, look out for spills and stains. Clean the spills immediately before they dry out. By following this, the overall appearance is improved.

After installation of granite, a good quality sealant is necessary. Sealant protects the surface of granite and extends its durability. You will find a good sealant in any of the local flooring stores. This is worth investing in, as it reduces the chance of seepage when any liquid spills on them. Granite is an investment by itself, and you should take all the steps necessary to maintain it well. Do not consider the sealant application as an extra expense, but consider it as an additional investment for improving the life of the flooring.

Granite tiles are well known for its sturdiness. This material is used extensively for kitchen countertops. Kitchens are breeding areas for germs and bacteria. Because of the low absorption qualities of this stone, it is ideal for kitchen usage. The surface of this stone does not allow bacteria to thrive. Take the help design magazines and internet to find the right colour and pattern for your kitchen walls and floors. A few cautious steps in cleaning can extend their life. Your effort spent in the up keep of these stones will reflect in their stunning beauty and shine.

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