The Best White Gray Granite Countertops for Kitchen

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This color category of gray granite countertops is perfect for those who want a bright and airy kitchen. White gray granite countertops are loved for their ability to make small kitchens appear more spacious. White gray granite countertops can be paired with basically any color cabinet, making them a versatile choice for many kitchen designs. Let's explore some of the most popular white gray granite countertop options.

River White Grnaite Countertops

With gray and white veins accompanying beautiful burgundy flecks, River White Granite is one of the most popular white gray granite countertop choices. River White Granite has become well-known for its stylish appearance and durability. It's also available as slabs or tiles, making it a match for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ivory Pearl Granite Countertops

These light gray granite countertops are stunning. It features a creamy mix of earthy tones with warm whites. Ivory Pearl Granite is perfect for those who want a light countertop with a bit of dimension. The warm neutrals and onyx hues are very eye-catching. A light gray granite countertop like this looks great near fireplaces, tub surrounds, showers, and vanities.

Venus Granite Countertops

With this white gray granite countertop, the first thing you'll notice is the visible sparkle. And the best part is the planetary haze. The polished finish will give your kitchen countertops a more glamorous look, while the honed finish will give them a more subdued look.

White Galaxy Granite Countertops

Made of mostly white and different shades of gray, this white-gray granite countertop is very versatile. White Galaxy Granite can be used in a variety of settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces. It is a beautiful countertop choice for those who want a sleek and elegant look in their home.

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