The Common Uses of Travertine

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If you're aiming for a rustic or refined look, travertine flooring is an excellent choice. They are available in polished, honed, tumbled, or brushed finishes that complement almost any decor.

Wall Cladding
Travertine can transform ordinary walls into extraordinary focal points. Whether you choose to cover entire walls or an accent wall, travertine adds texture and visual interest to both interior and exterior spaces.

Travertine countertops are eye-catching. They provide a unique surface that adds character and sophistication to the space. But be careful not to use it for food prep since it can absorb colors and smells.

Travertine backsplashes not only protect walls from splashes and spills but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. Rather than looking for intricate tiling designs, travertine's natural colors and patterns provide visual interest.

Harkening back to its watery roots, travertine is a popular choice for shower areas. It can easily be wiped clean of soap scum and water spots. If not well-sealed and maintained, however, the constant exposure to water can create pits in its surface. Like what happens in the natural environment, travertine is prone to deterioration if not properly maintained.

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