The Difference Between Home and Abroad Quartzite Market

Updated: 2012/12/7

In 2002, Silestone introduced the quartz stone into China, Chinese consumers began to get to the quartz, but China has no professional quartzion enterprise. In 2005, Shanghai Beifulong building materials co., LTD. Invest theion technology and equipment of quartz through the independent research and development, which become the first professional quartz manufacturers in China, this is also the mark of Chinese quartz. Now let’s analyze this market, what’s the difference of quartzite between home and abroad? How is the China quartz market?

Artificial quartz has become a new countertop material in the world. In Europe and the United States, more and more quartz products enter into the consumers’ family. Especially, the world famous brand ambry launched the new product in 2006 on Milan international ambry show, we can obviously feel this trend, most ambry brands used the quartz instead of natural stone and traditional artificial stone as show. In the Chinese market, it appeared the import brand "Silestone, Xishilong, Sainuositong, as well as the domestic brand, Beifulong, Dihao and so on. In the market channels, each brand was taking the self-built channels and wholesale, Beifulong quartz takes the lead in introducing the concept of franchise marketing, shared the vast market with majority of dealers. This marketing idea makes Beifulong quartz get the leading position in the domestic. In 2007, the sales of Beifulong quartz were exceed 80 million RMB. While the scale of the whole quartz market accounting for less than 1/75 of the entire international market scale. Compared with the international market, the trend of China quartz has just begun.

In 2009, the Chinese artificial stone market capacity was 50 billion RMB, the share of quartz stone occupied less than 10 of artificial stone products. With more enterprise entering quartz market, the further improvement of production technology and the constantly mature of market, quartz market gradually activated, the demand of consumer is increasing. Quartzite will become the mainstream of ambry countertop products. In addition of the bathroom vanity, desktop, ground, metope and other areas’ application, quartz will be pregnant with a huge industry. As the China ambry newspaper analysis for in the quartz market: quartz products market is similar with the 20 years’ stone material market, artificial stone market in 10 years ago at present. In the future market, it will increase at an annual rate of 500, so it has a great market space.

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