The Elegance And Durability Of The Granite Tile Countertop

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Granite is undoubtedly one of the finest materials on the market today when it comes to countertop materials. For those looking to transform their spaces and update the look of their homes, granite is quite possibly the best material that they can choose to this end.

Granite is durable, functional, and eternally beautiful. it's no wonder that it's chosen time and again as the material of choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Granite tile countertop - a less often used but enormously beautiful material - is another option for transforming your kitchen in a unique and interesting way.

The granite tile countertop functions much like ceramic tile countertops. The granite material comes in individual tiles that you adhere the countertop surface one by one. After grouting is applied in between the tiles, the result is a cohesive collage of color, texture, and style that come together to form the bigger picture.

Consumers have the option of purchasing the granite tile by tile. some hand painted tiles can be enormously expensive but truly beautiful. There is also the option, however, of purchasing the granite tile countertop already completed. What may be the most attractive option will depend on your overall design theme and budget.

For those who are interested in laying the tile themselves, there are some really unique and handyman friendly products on the market today. For example, consumers can install a layer of cement tile substrate such as Wonderboard, or Hardi-backer, and then use a thin set mortar to set the tiles in place, apply grout to fill the gaps between the tiles, and finally, seal the stone or grout.

Even the way you design and install the granite tile countertop is dependent on your own personal style. Some people prefer the patchwork look, but if you are looking for a more seamless effect, then there are a couple of things that you can do.

For instance, install the tiles flush with each other to minimize the grout lines, and use a grout that is the same color as the tiles. orient the grain by lining up the granite tile so that color and design flow in the same direction. and choose a stone that does not have strong veins or lines that will detract from the overall cohesiveness of the design.

For those whose budgets will not support the purchase of a granite tile countertop, there are various resources that will allow you to have the look of granite without the expense. There are laminates that are very much made to look like granite but at less than a fraction of the price. Installation of such laminates is convenient and easy and material can be purchased pre-cut at any home improvement retailer.

The granite tile countertop can elevate any room from plain to sophisticated in a matter of one afternoon. Take the time to choose those materials that will work best for the tone of your room and your home. you will surely be thrilled with the outcome.

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