The benefits of Cultured Stones

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Cost is a major factor when considering using cultured stone for a project. Due to its lower overall cost, it's a much less expensive choice for larger projects. Though masonry labor costs will be around the same compared to natural stone, cultured stone's lighter weight makes it easier to transport and apply to surfaces.

Since cultured stone is lightweight, it can more easily be used for jobs where excessive weight would be a problem, such as inside a home on non-load bearing walls and over non-reinforced floors. This also makes cultured stone a great choice for use in fireplace designs.

Because cultured stone is available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, based on what the manufacturer offers, it can be offered in a variety of design options when compared to natural stone. This can make picking cultured stone styles from one vendor easier than trying to find all the colors/cuts of natural stone you want for a project.

Like real stone, cultured stone does still required masonry to install, so it can still be a labor-intensive installation and may require the work of a skilled mason. If you're looking for similar materials with low cost and simple installation, other faux stone materials can be a worthy investment.

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