The difference between Carrara White Marble and Thassos Marble

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Carrara White Marble and Thassos Marble are both popular choices for natural stone applications, but they have some key differences:

1. Origin: Carrara White Marble comes from the Carrara region in Italy, while Thassos Marble is sourced from the Island of Thassos in Greece.

2. Color and Appearance: Carrara White Marble is known for its greyish-white background with flowing veins of grey or light blue. Thassos Marble, on the other hand, is known for its pure white background with minimal veining.

3. Cost: Carrara White Marble is generally more affordable and widely available compared to Thassos Marble, which is considered a higher-end and more luxurious option.

4. Durability: While both marbles are durable and suitable for various applications, Carrara White Marble is slightly softer and more prone to scratching and etching than Thassos Marble.

5. Applications: Carrara White Marble is commonly used for flooring, countertops, and wall cladding in both residential and commercial spaces. Thassos Marble is often used in high-end applications, including luxury bathrooms, shower walls, and decorative accents.

When choosing between Carrara White Marble and Thassos Marble, it is important to consider factors like budget, design preferences, and intended usage to determine which marble suits your needs best.

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