The most important marble quarries in Iran

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Iran has the most diverse stone quarries compared to all other countries. Among this rock variety, marble has a share of 44 of stone quarries in the country. Harsin Sardar, Robat Morad, Kashan Desert, Dehbid Khoy Abbasabad, Lashtar and Salsali marbles are the famous quarries in the country.

* Haftoman Khor and Biabank Marble Mine: This mine is located 60 km southwest of Khor and the type of stone extracted from it is pink marble.

* Khoy Marble: Khoy Marble quarries are one of the most important marble quarries in Iran, which are located in Khoy city of West Azerbaijan province. The products of these quarries are made of different types of marble stones, including Karma Marfil marble with different fields.

* Robat Morad Marble: One of the most important quarries in the country, which produces black marble, is located in Robat Morad village in Khomein city.

* Hersin Sardar Marble: This quarry is one of the best quarries in Iran in the production of marble. This quarry is located in Harsin. Sardar marble called Zolfaghar stone is extracted from Harsin marble quarry

Due to high quarry resources in Iran, it is expected to improve its position among countries that export stones such as marble. Today, most marble of various quarries is used domestically. Marble extracted from Iranian quarries is high quality and is considered by many countries, including China.

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