Then Italian Stone Industry

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Italian stone materials are renowned throughout the world because of their wide range of colors and the size of their deposits. Italy is one of the leading world producers of raw materials, producing over 10.5 million tons of blocks per year, which are quarried and processed by almost 10,000 companies with 60,000 workers who are the most highly skilled in the world. Italy?? raw material imports amount to over 2.3 million tons per year with a value of approximately 500 million USD while exports, which are almost all finished products, amount to 3.5 million tons per year with a value of over 2 billion USD.
Italy?? modern stone industry has a long tradition behind it and has managed to maintain its world leadership thanks to its highly skilled workers and avant-garde technology. The latter is the result of the close relationship between stone suppliers and machinery manufacturers which has led to positive results such as the production of more and more advanced machinery, the setting up and perfecting of plants already operating, guaranteed continuous assistance, on-site experimentation of new prototypes and remote assistance through the web sites.

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