Tips and Tricks for the maintenance of Granite Headstone and Memorials

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* Using Lots and lots of clean water for maintenance. It is one of the safest and the most preferred way to clean a headstone is to use natural clean water or distilled water

* Using a bucket and lots of water, keeping it wet throughout the entire washing process.

* In order to clean a polished or honed granite memorial stone, wash it well with a soft, damp cloth or natural sponges. You may avoid the one with dye or rough, scrubbing sides.

* Do not ever use household cleaners as they contain chemicals that may stain the tombstones.

* Use only “household” glass cleaner not the industrial glass cleaner for creating a streak free finish surface.

* Ensure that the glass cleaner used is completely polished (dry to the touch) on the monument surface.

* Ensure that the cemetery has water available, otherwise bring bottles of water.
Toothbrushes or bath brushes, soft nylon scrub brushes, and a broom to be considered.

* Soft clothes or natural sponges. You can avoid ones with dye or rough, scrubbing sides.

* Scraping tools to look for the ones that won't even injure the stones, like popsicle sticks, wood, nylon, bamboo spatulas, or other similar ones.

* Old towels.

* Protective gloves.

* Trash bag.

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