Types of Travertine Flooring

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Travertine stone are available as unfilled or filled to increases their durability.

1. Polished Travertine Tiles
These tiles are smoothened and sealed to get extremely glossy light reflective tiles. This gives them a good look and feels just like marble. They are good options for areas prone to stains like commercial areas. But avoid installing them outdoor since they are very slippery.

2. Honed Travertine Tiles
Honed tiles are lightly polished, filled, and less slickly then polished. They have a matte finish and low shine smooth flat surface. They lie between polished and tumbled travertine tiles. They are achieved through grinding one side of the unfinished stone. They are the most popular tiles for floors, bathrooms, showers, and outdoor like pool areas. They can range from dull matte to satin or high sheen.

3. Tumbled Travertine Tiles
These placed in a machine with other stones abrasive grit and water to gently grit them. The process may take 3-5 weeks to achieve the desired finish. They have an aged antique look that provides ample traction for outdoor services.

4. Brushed Travertine Tiles
These tiles that have been wire brushed to produce flat matte and rough-textured surface. They have the most subtle colors of all travertine tile types. They can be used anywhere that tumbled and honed travertine can be used.

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