Types of grey marble colors

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The grey marble incorporates neutral tones that cover different ranges of colors. Its chromatic scale ranges from pearl tones through silver and grey ochre to graffiti such as mole. It is mainly used in places that aspire to transmit calm and serenity.


Pietra Grey is a grey calcite marble. It has a very uniform and compact appearance. It shuffles coals and graphite subtly and alternates thin white streaks with barely noticeable slate-colored linear glazes.


Pacific Grey has a gentle grey background and the ability to capture light and its millimeter thin white veins to reflect it.


Fior di Bosco is a grey marble with a non-porous surface. Its sober background mixes leaden and smoky tones. It contains a burst of fine arborescent veins alternating white and amber colors. Occasionally some orange striations appear.


Picasso Grey is the trade name of a unique white greyish calcite marble. It has a pearly background intertwined with a large number of grey veins but also mole and amber, of different thicknesses, which again intertwine with each other.

The Picasso Gray marble is used in design pieces and large-format cladding, for example in outstanding luxury interiors.

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