US Surface Imports First Quarter 2017

Updated: 2017/7/1

When it comes to U.S. imports of dimensional surfaces two numbers draw the big interest: the change in shipments for granite and quartz slabs. And, with the data, it's still an up-and-down world.

Imports of 'worked' (cut, one side polished) granite in 1Q 2017 trailed the same time last year by 10.7 at 348,458 metric tons. Considering that shipments in January-February this year totaled 9.7 less than the first two months of 2016, the numbers aren't heading off the cliff.
Brazil nearly mirrored the overall drop in U.S.-bound granite with a 1Q 2017 decline of 10.6, but the big drag came from China. its total of 74,494 metric tons for the first three months of this year represented a 27.8 drop from 1Q 2016.

Quartz-slab imports went the other way in this year's first quarter, with a 26.6 gain from 2016. China kept container cranes busy by increasing its U.S. shipments by 66.9. Spain (21.4) and Vietnam (12.8) also pushed double-digit gains, while India declined by 17.6 in 1Q 2017.

The other big player - Israel - only marked a 2.8 increase, while Canada's quartz-slab shipments registered neither a net gain or loss (0). However, it's worth noting that U.S.-based factories for several companies are increasing domestic production and likely reducing the need for imported material.

Worked marble also remained strong throughout this year's first quarter, with a 16.2 increase from the same time last year. Italy showed a rare downturn by dropping 8.8 from 1Q 2016 levels, but China took up the slack (and the #1 marble-import position) by sending 44.1 more marble to the United States. Turkey (13.4) and India (40.5) also offered impressive gains.

US Imports Worked Granite 2017

US Imports Worked Marble 2017

US Imports Worked Quartz 2017

US Imports Worked Travertine 2017

US Imports Worked Calcareous 2017

US Imports Worked Stone 2017

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