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Korea Korea stone importer need Vietnam Stones ... 2018/1/23 100 V-Coins

Dear honorable your company attendants.

Pray for having your great days on and on.
And hope to meet for negotiation of import your products natural stone to Korea as a long-term partner.
I am an executive director of south Korea company engaging marine ship, on-shore and off-shore plants.
Recently, during business visitation of Vietnam, I have got to know Vietnam natural stones are more essential for building construction in Korea.
My plants clients in management of building construction residential, commercial and public ones, are demanding Vietnam stones granite, basalt, bluestone etc than from China.
For enhancement of our company and my clients back-bone construction companies, we want to held meeting for the faithful trade.
If you have willing to accept my suggestion and you are not in trade with Korean company, please reply to this mail for visitation your company and each research of our prospects.
My name is Myeong-su, Kim south in Korea.

Hope to get your answer sooner.

Sincerely yours

Serbia Serbia stone importer need Travertine Slabs ... 2018/1/23 100 V-Coins

Dear Sir, Please give me the price for such travertine slabs 2cm, vein cut, unfilled, brushed, about 360m2. Š¢hank you.

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Mexico Mexico stone importer need Granite Slabs ... 2018/1/23 100 V-Coins

Hello i need to get pricing on different kind plates of stone of granite please

United States United States stone importer need Quartz Slabs, Quartz Countertops ... 2018/1/22 100 V-Coins

I am inquiring about slabs as well as pre-fabricated material.

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Spain Spain stone importer need Slate Veneers ... 2018/1/22 100 V-Coins


I am interested in the stone veneer. To start with will be the slate. Flexible Slate Stone Veneer 0.50 - 0.70mm thick. Also I need to be the stick in, I want to get prices delivered to Vigo-Spain. Postal Code 36202.

Need to get information, certifications etc. Information data sheet of the product.

Please let me know,


Qatar Qatar stone importer need Golden Black Marbles ... 2018/1/21 100 V-Coins

The above material

How much for one container 2 cm slabs ??

Whats the origin of the material ?? Do you have stock available ??

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Lebanon Lebanon stone importer need Grey Limestones ... 2018/1/20 100 V-Coins

Quantity: 5000 m2
Average Cut: 1x1 m2
Thickness: 4 cm

Need information about this material stone if any body knows

France Stone

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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates stone importer need Natural Pebblestones ... 2018/1/20 100 V-Coins

We require 5 ton natural pebbles 30 to 50mm size in Abu Dhabi.
Please send to my mail Id or whatsapp the final price.

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Pakistan Pakistan stone importer need Granite and Marble Tiles ... 2018/1/19 50 V-Coins

we need natural granite polished surface 10,000 SQM for a project in Pakistan

1) Imperial Light Grey Granite

2) Sea Grey Granite

3) Ocean Grey Granite

4) Sandle wood Marble

Israel Israel stone importer need Grey Basalts, Stepping Stones ... 2018/1/17 50 V-Coins


We are many years in the Garden products

We also import garden stones such as pebbles and now also stepping stones

We would love to recieve all types shapes and sizes of the stepping stones u can offer including photos , loading quantity in 20' Heavy Duty

and your best offers FOB your port

Please use our direct mail

Thank u

Serbia Serbia stone importer need China Granites ... 2018/1/17 50 V-Coins


We are a stone manufacturing company from Serbia.

We need G664 stone, the measurements are:

210 - 250 x 70 x 3cm - 50m2

250 - 280 x 70 x 2cm - 50m2

210 - 250 x 100 x 3cm - rest of the container.

Thank you in advance

Bangladesh Bangladesh stone importer need India Granites ... 2018/1/16 50 V-Coins

I need import granite from India, 30'x120', per colour 3 containers, how much per s.f.t

Red Granite

Juparana Granite

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Russia Russia stone importer need Stone Chips, Stone Plates ... 2018/1/15 50 V-Coins

Dear Sirs,

From your Web-site we came to know that you sell Black stone chips

We'd like to enquire about the following of equipment

Black stone chips - 2200 m3 to Bangladesh
Special plates 8000 pcs
Tetrahedrons 200 000 pcs

EXW or delivery to the port Mongla - Chittagong Bangladesh
Please inform us about your selling terms and conditions.

Thanks in advance

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United States United States stone importer need Italy Marbles ... 2018/1/15 20 V-Coins

Does your stock look like the sample on your page? We are having trouble finding a calacatt gold with the veining as your sample shows.

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India India stone importer need Marble Blocks ... 2018/1/13 30 V-Coins

We are marble blocks importer. Please contact us.

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Venezuela Venezuela stone importer need Granite Pavers ... 2018/1/11 100 V-Coins

Hi im looking for a stone like this 20x20x10
quantity 46000 m2

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South Africa South Africa stone importer need Vietnam Granites ... 2018/1/9 100 V-Coins

I am visiting Vietnam in February and would like to purchase granite. Can you please send me a catalogue and price list and if I am satisfied I can make an appointment to meet you

Iran Iran stone importer need Black Granites ... 2018/1/8 50 V-Coins

I want stone for tombstone with the high number and I want the best quality stone.

I would like black tombstone with the golden spots with the following specifications:

(the two sides are polished)

I want a container to get started.
Do you produce such a stone?
Can you help me?
I am waiting for your prompt reply.
Do you have a factory?
Please send me some photos of your products.
Please quote the price and address factory in your proforma

Oman Oman stone importer need Desert Rose Marble Slabs ... 2018/1/6 50 V-Coins

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to ask about the cost of (500 square meter sandblasted desert rose marble size 120x60x3 cm)
Thank you and best regards
Sultan Al Barhi

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Iran Iran stone importer need Pakistan Onyx ... 2018/1/4 30 V-Coins

Decorative marble.Decorative marble.MARBLE PRODUCTS Interior Decorations

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