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Post From: Iran Iran
Post Date: 2023/1/16
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Required Products: Vietnamese Marble Blocks

Its my pleasure to contact you.
We are an Iranian Luxury Building and *** Company that constructed too many high class building in Tehran.
We are going to flooring one of the our on going project by Vietnam Pure Crystal White Marble. Total flooring area is about 6000 m2. Unfortunately, slab importing to Iran is forbidden and we must import Vietnam Pure Crystal White Marble block and providing the slabs though joining a factory in Iran.
We estimated that we need about 570 MTon of the Pure Crystal White Marble Blocks for producing required slabs. Our required slab size is 1.5*2.5 thk:2 cm.
Please send us your bottom price for supplying our required Pure Crystal White Marble Blocks By considering below conditions:
1-Total Quantity: 570 MTon - Please confirm that this amount could be good enough for producing slab size is 1.5*2.5 thk:2 cm by consider wastage.
2-Delivery time: we need the blocks as soon as possible. we scheduled for receiving the blocks in Iran end of march 2023 or earlier.
3- Delivery Condition: FOB of Vietnam Port. If you can offer CFR Bandarabbas is more attractive for us.
4-Payment: We pay you the amount of orders from our Company in UAE. Payment terms would be TT in advance and negotiable.
5- Technical proposal should be included:
5-1- Block Technical Data Sheet and laboratory confirmation.
5-2- Block Size must be let us to provide slab size 1.5*2.5 thk:2 cm with minimum wastage.
5-3- High quality resolution photos and video should be submitted together with the could be sent us through google drive.
5-4- Mines name and distance with the nearest city and ports.
5-5- Mines block certificate of compositions and certificate of compliance for each blocks that is grade "A" of Pure Crystal White Marble Blocks.
Please kindle be noted that we are going to place order maximum at shortest possible time and your complete technical and commercial proposal is help us to meet the schedule.
This order is the first order to purchase the blocks and it will be continually for our other projects.
Your prompt reply is highly appreciated in advance.
Yours Sincerely

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Required Products: Vietnamese Marble Blocks
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