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Water-jet medallion

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Material Type: Marble 219 Likes   Likes

Main Color: Multicolor
Pattern Style:
Surface Finish: Polished

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Update Time: 2016/8/29
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Water-jet medallion
We offer Polished or Honed Marble wall or flooring medallions in a variety of sizes, styles and options, made with natural stone, travertine, marble, granite and Metals
We have many wall and floor tile border inlay styles.
we design and manufacture,you may customize these to better accent your space.
we have a professional team to complete design, selection of materials, operation of waterjet cutting machinery, fabrication, shipping, and installation of decorative Tile flooring for residential and commercial designer floors.

Any pictures you like, we are able to make it gorgeous for your luxury house.

Water-jet medallion is Stone Patchwork from China, welcome to buy Water-jet medallion with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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