What is Porphyry Paving Stone?

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Porphyry pavers, have high wear resistance and surface regularity that allows comfortable foot traffic. These pavers have an even, yet rough surface, which maintains a non slippery property its whole life. They are ADA compliant - making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential use alike. Porphyry is unaffected by freezing and thawing, and because of its high resistance to chemicals, it is particularly recommended for public areas, including plazas, sidewalks, pool decks, fountains and parks. Maintenance costs are very low.

Porphyry is quarried primarily in Italy, Mexico, and Argentina and the colors will vary accordingly, in mixed reds, mixed grays and red-brown variations. Just one example of a project we supplied over the years, is the above image of beautiful porphyry from Mexico, supplied to The Strand at the Headlands, a custom home community in Dana Point, CA.

The Strand at the Headlands is Orange County's final oceanfront community, and the last significant undeveloped beach property in all of Southern California. The 121 acre site includes over one mile of ocean frontage and the 6 acre Strand Beach and encompasses 118 oceanfront, custom residential lots, a 90 room luxury resort and spa, a 35,000 sq. ft. commercial center, and five public parks with over 68 acres of open space.

Porphyry can be cut into many size options in cobblestone, pavers, irregular flagging steps, tiles, borders and wall coverings. It is available with sawn or snap cut edges, in surfaces that are natural, or finished with flaming, honing, polishing, sandblasting or bush-hammering. Porphyry is one of the more cost-effective natural stone paving products available.

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