Which are the most famous Greek marbles?

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With almost 80 active quarries and 15 factories, Greece is a traditionally rich place on earth where marble is extracted, while some of the different varieties of marbles and their origin locations are recognized internationally with their names:

Thassos Snow White:
It is a pure white marble with crystal color and very high sun reflection. From walls and countertops to floors and statues, this marble offers a sense of luxury and a unique natural beauty result wherever placed.

The famous Pentelikon marble has a great history, since the Parthenon, Erechthion and other famous temples, monuments and statues of Athens in ancient times, were crafted out of it. It has unique white, gray or green veins, and it is characterized by its purity, clarity and permeability.

Volakas Haemus:
It is mined in the region of Volakas, in Drama, Greece. It is a white marble with discrete gray or brown veins and clouds which make it recognizable and give a great versatility in every use. It has many types, all of which have a special identity, different from other marbles.

Marble Pirgon is quarried in the well-known quarry of Pyrgoi, Drama, Greece. This natural stone is available in 5 types (Pirgon Alas, Pirgon Mist, Pirgon Nivatus, Pirgon Delta, Pirgon Ebru Arabesque), each one offering a unique, compact, elegant result with different veining patterns and clouds. They are all perfectly combined with other marbles with great compatibility and give a discretely luxurious result in every room.

Other well-known Greek marbles also include Kavalas (Hemarus), Verias (Veria Green & Vermion White), Naxos, Tinos etc., each with exceptional, fine, unique features.

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