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According the coating and bead fixing methods, diamond wire saw could be divided into these types: rubber, plastic, spring, rubber with spring, electroplated, vacuum brazed.

Diamond wire saw is greatly used in stone quarry(especially granite and marble), block squaring, slab cutting, multi-wire and reinforced concrete. With years of research and application of diamond wire and the world-advanced technology of diamond bead brazing, ChinShine diamond wire saw has the following advantages,

1. For all wire saw machine uses, easy installation for complicated cutting condition, diamond wire saw could be used in angle for cutting.

2. Be applicable for large-area cutting, large block mining, unlimit cutting area.

3. High rate of yield stone, not waste of mine resources, conservation of valuable stone resources.

4. High production efficiency and stable quality.

Customer Testimonials:

In 2017, to seek better diamond wire supplier, an European granite quarry owner who always uses Italian and Turkish diamond wire had in-depth communication with our engineers in his granite sample and the solutions for his problem in Verona Stone Fair. After study customer's demand and his granite, we were confident to produce better diamond wire. For trial order to test, we offered him with discount.

Here is the quarry owner's comment on the quality of our diamond wire on WhatsApp. Combined with our consistant technical support and reliable quality, he had been using our granite rubber diamond wire for quarry, diamond segments and diamond saw blades from us.

how the people talking about ChinShine diamond wires

Diamond wire for marble limestoneChina dry diamond wire for marble limestone
China dry diamond wire for marble limestone
Spring diamond wire saw is designed for dry cutting in the marble, limestone, sandstone and soft travertine quarry. You don't need to feed water during cutting.
Vacuum Brazed diamond wire sawDiamond wire saw rope for marble dry cutting
Diamond wire saw rope for marble dry cutting
ChinShine produces vacuum brazed diamond wire saw and diamond bead for soft natural stone cutting without water, such as soft marble and limestone. The common bead diameter is 11mm, 36 beads per meter.
Diamond wire for stone block cuttingStone diamond wire for cutting granite marble block
Stone diamond wire for cutting granite marble block
ChinShine stone diamond wire for cutting granite/marble ensure a good efficiency, high productions and stable performances in time, minimizing the costs of processing.
Concrete diamond wireConcrete diamond wire
Diamond wire for concrete cutting
This diamond wire recently developed by ChinShine, is designed for fast and precise cutting jobs in heavily reinforced concrete. Top quality diamond mix cobalt makes the diamond beads provide higher cutting speed and longer life than wires from the competitors.
Diamond wire for graniteRubber diamond wire for granite
Rubber diamond wire for granite
The main specialties of granite diamond wire are: 1. To be able to used for great area granite quarries cutting 2. To get high percentage of forming dimension granite 3. High manufacture efficiency 4. Safety, low- noise, no- dust and friendly surroundings 5. Low cutting cost.

diamond wire saw for granite and marble quarry is Diamond Wire Saws from China, welcome to buy diamond wire saw for granite and marble quarry with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

Export Markets: North America, Western Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America, Central America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

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