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The Xunda slab racks are ideal for distributors and shops that use a variety of slab sizes. As inventory is used, posts can be adjusted horizontally, thus eliminating unused portions of the rails, making space available for replacement slabs.

Size: 3000 x 210 x1500mm
Net Weight: 320kg

Slab Rack storage capcity:
Maximum 2cm slabs: 90 pcs slabs
Maximum 3cm slabs: 60 pcs slabs

One set include: 2 bases and 14 posts with post caps
Powder coating finish
Colors: Yellow/Black/Orange

1x20' container: 70sets
Pls send me email if you're interested in the slab rack.

slab storage rack is Lifting and Handling Tools from China, welcome to buy slab storage rack with good quality and price from China suppliers and manufacturers directly.

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