taybad peach granite

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taybad peach granite

Taybad Peach Granite has a deep peach-colored peach background that is very similar to world family granites. Peach Granite can be a good alternative to foreign granite stones. Another name for the Taybad Pitch Granite is the Ossan orange granite. If we want to mention some features and usages of this stone it's worthy to say low water absorption, high strength and very low porosity and is used in building facades, interiors, office spaces, commercial and residential buildings are just some.

Taibad Peach Granite quarry is located in Khorasan Razavi province near Taybad city.

The price of Taybad peach granite depends on the following factors:

1- Pureness of stone surface without glands and uniformity color bring has a higher price.
2- The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price.
3- Quality of stone processing according to polishing, cutting will affect the price of stone.

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