Black Granite Countertops Pros and Cons

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Beyond matters of personal taste, all countertop materials have their pros and cons, and black granite is no exception.


Incredibly Versatile
Black granite countertops suit traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchen designs. Whether it's a dramatic kitchen island with a waterfall edge or a countertop ogee edge profile, there is almost no design choice that black granite can't accommodate. See more design ideas with black granite in our post.

Durable Surface
One of the considerable advantages of black granite is its durability, which is highly favored in high-traffic areas like kitchen and bathroom countertops. As an igneous rock formed under extreme duress, it is capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear. When looked after, granite can last a lifetime and add significant resale value to your home.

Timeless Appeal
Natural stone always possesses a timeless appeal. Black granite is a neutral stone that doesn't date as quickly as other design trends. Its versatile nature enables it to blend in with a variety of design trends, while its consistent popularity since the 1970s is a testament to its adaptable nature.

Easy Maintenance
Black granite is an intelligent choice as dirt doesn't show up as easily on its dark surface. Besides that, cleaning black granite countertops is relatively easy. Warm soapy water with a gentle cloth after use will suffice, so long as the counter is also wiped down with a dry cloth. Granite is porous, so leaving liquid or food spills unattended can cause damage, especially with honed black granite.

Stain Resistance
Black granite is stain resistant if properly sealed and looked after. If stains and spills are wiped away as soon as they occur, the countertop's surface should retain its pristine condition. While no material is 100 stain-proof, the natural hardness of granite provides enhanced protection.


Prone to Fingertips and Water Marks
Fingertip marks are most visible on polished granite, particularly when light hits the surface, whereas honed granite may discolor or stain from watermarks. However, this is easily remedied with resealing every few months. As with all-natural stone countertops, placemats, trivets, coasters, and chopping boards should habitually be used.

Built-Up Dust is Noticeable
Because of its glossy surface, dust is more noticeable on polished than honed granite. Built-up occurs if a countertop isn't regularly wiped down. Luckily, dirt is less visible on black granite countertops, but it should be cleaned after use to clear collecting dust.

While black granite is more affordable than white, it can still be a pricey investment. Additional factors like the amount needed and the type of granite purchase can also hike up the cost. Remember, a cheaper grade of stone may not be as durable as its more expensive counterparts. In this case, it pays off in the long run to buy a higher-quality slab.

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