Traonyx Colors and Different Traonyx Stone Types

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Traonyx is one of the calcareous rocks and is a rather metamorphosed sedimentary rock, a mixture of travertine and marble. Traonyx stone is available in different colors such as yellow, red, white and chocolate.

Traonyx stone is a porous cementitious limestone resulting from the performance of spas with chemical and sometimes biochemical origin. Mining and marble trade is known as travertine and marble (aragonite, onyx or Traonyx carbonate). Traonyx stone Both types of ore are varied in color, light green, smoky, light gray, white, dark red and white, and pale lime, and dark brown chocolate brown walnut. These colors can be wavy or non-wavy, simple, embroidered and alternating. Traonyx stone According to petrographic studies of Traonyx stone texture are composed entirely of carbonate minerals and the main minerals of Traonyx stone are calcite, aragonite and iron carbonate. Here are some of the types of Traonyx stones that are:

Traonyx Walnut
Chocolate Traonyx
Yellow Traonyx
Traonyx Red
Traonyx Forest
Traonyx Silver

Before we talk about Traonyx stone directly, we need to tell you about Travertine stone. Travertine is a porous sedimentary rock whose texture is layered and the main mineral in its structure is calcite. Available in a variety of colors, this stone is a good choice for flooring because of its porous texture.

It is used both in exterior and interior design in various shapes and sizes. Marble has also been transformed into a sedimentary rock that is coarse and crystalline and capable of transmitting light. The stone is found in a variety of colors, simple or veined in nature and is used for its unique beauty in interior decoration. This stone has low resistance to water absorption, so it is not used for building facades. The Traonyx rock is a combination of travertine and anix or marble and consists of minerals such as aragonite, calcite and iron carbonate. We will explain in more detail later.

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