Travertine Finishes

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Travertine is a versatile product choice as it has many different finishes to help you achieve the look you are going for.

Polished: Create a look of luxury with the high shine from polished travertine. Polished travertine is smoothed and glossed over to get a shiny reflective surface.

Honed: Honed finishes provide a smooth yet matte finish without any shine. Honed travertine can either be filled or unfilled. A honed look and texture is achieved by grinding and buffing one side of the unfinished stone.

Brushed: Utilize the natural look of travertine with a brushed finish. This textured finish features an unfilled exterior and provides a rustic yet sophisticated look. This look is obtained by brushing the surface of the stone with a brush or wire wheel until the preferred texture is achieved.

Tumbled: To create tumbled travertine, pieces of stone are cut, sized and placed in a rubber coated or plastic barrel with an abrasive grit and water. Sometimes a small amount of acid is mixed in. The tub/barrel is turned over and over again, allowing for the stones to rub against each other. The edges of the travertine are softened and worn down. This feature provides a much more natural, worn look. Like brushed travertine, tumbled travertine has a high-textured finish. The major difference between the two is that tumbled travertine has softened edges.

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