Brown and Gold Granite Colors for Natural Look

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Black granite countertops and white granite countertops will make a statement in your kitchen. They will clearly define your taste and give an edge or they will add a more fresh and ethereal look. If you crave earthy, natural tones, there are no better options than brown and gold granite kitchen tops. They are maybe the most versatile granite countertops of all.

Brown granite countertops are super popular among homeowners and designers who love neutral and natural wooden kitchen cabinets. Tan brown granite will beautifully complement dark wood kitchen cabinets, while dark brown granite countertops look gorgeous when they go with light wooden cabinets.

If you aspire to build a traditional, rustic, or country style kitchen, choose brown granite countertops. They feel warm, homey, familiar, and snug. If you want to add a touch of elegance, brown options with golden shades will provide just the right amount of beauty you want.

Explore brown granites countertops and take a look at some most popular types of granite kitchen tops like Baltic Brown Granite, New Venetian Gold Granite, and Tan Brown Granite.

Baltic Brown Granite
Baltic Brown granite countertops present an exquisitely beautiful brown natural stone. They feature a superb blend of a brown base with small black, gray, and tan flecks. This lovely brown granite stone has the so-called “irregular” fracture. This is a special characteristic that gives especially lovely and original look to any kitchen space. With lovely look and stain, water, and mildew resistant features, Baltic Brown countertops are waiting for you to check them out at Granite Countertop $44.99/sqft Deal.

New Venetian Gold Granite
New Venetian Gold Granite is a special gold granite stone that will bring the warmth and shine of the golden sun into your kitchen. Beige and golden tones are intertwined with light veining of deep gray, red, and brown tones and shades. New Venetian Gold granite countertops present one of the most effective ways to update the look of your kitchen and add more visible value to your home.

Tan Brown Granite
If you love the look of darker types of granite brown countertops, check out Tan Brown granite. Brown, black, gray, burnt orange and deep red flecks and hues intertwine and together create an amazing surface for your everyday needs in the kitchen. The richness and depth of this magnificent stone are simply mesmerizing. Whether you intend to use Tan Brown Granite for interior or exterior projects.

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