Chinese granite market trend - Shanxi Black

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We continue here a series of reviews about the market trends of some of the most important natural stones available in the market.

This website has specialized information about the Shanxi Black granite from China and is starting to rank of the top positions on will soon become a reference on the Internet about information about this type of stone. We present you below the results for the last three months (from May until July):

Stone names:

G777 granite. China Absoluto. China Black granite. Shangxi Black granite

Visitors trend:

Despite the website being fairly new and unknown, we can see a growing number of unique visitors. We expect a large number of visitors once the website ranks on the 1st positions of Google.


The 3rd image below shows that there is a search for diverse keywords related to the Shanxi Black. For example, there is an interesting demand for black basalt, flamed finishings, oriental granites, among other interesting keywords.

Geographical origin:

On the 3rd picture below we can see that the countries where there is the highest demand for Shanxi Black granite. Some of these countries are the USA, China and several countries in Europe.


Despite being a new website with low level of visitors, we can already identify some interesting trends about the Shanxi Black granite. There is considerable demand for this black granite on the USA, China and some parts of Europe. In addition, we understand that there are demand for black coloured stones, not only granites. But as soon as this website has reached its maturity and receives hundreds of visitors every month, we will update you with more information.

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