Easy Granite Tile Launches Premium Granite Tile Kitchen Counter Top Service

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Until now do-it-yourself installation of granite tiles had a major hurdle... granite tile does not come with rounded edges. Bullnose tile edging must be added to the tile individually for each counter arrangement. That's a major obstacle for a do-it-yourself granite tile installation.

'Many homeowners who are very skilled with working with wood confidently approach their new granite tile counter top project only to find that no one told them that the edges needed to be bullnosed. And that getting an accurate radius applied to granite tile is a major problem.' Steve Hudgik, Marketing Manager for Easy Granite Tile has observed. 'Just finding someone who is willing to edge granite tile can be a major problem, and then, how does the homeowner know what kind of quality to expect?'

Easy Granite Tile has solved this problem by developing an easy-to-use online system ( that calculates the amount of tile required as well as the required edging, for nearly any counter top arrangement. Coupled with the an automated precision edging process, Easy Granite Tile provides superior quality granite tile with precision, uniform, custom edging for each kitchen or bath. The result is a beautiful granite tile counter top that can be installed by a home handyman... or by a professional tile setter.

The homeowner can do everything they need to order custom edged granite tile on the Easy Granite Tile web site 24-7. They start by picking their tile. then selecting the appropriate counter arrangement. then entering their counter top dimensions. That's it! They are now ready to place an order for custom granite tile made specifically for their kitchen or bath. It's that easy! granite countertops

When an order is placed the Easy Granite Tile Color Assurance Program will express ship a sample tile so homeowners can be sure the tile color is right for their counters, and approve it before the edging is applied to their tile. Orders are then quickly processed, the precision edging added, and the tile shipped via Federal Express Freight.

Steve described his company by saying,'Easy Granite Tile is a business built upon many years of experience providing custom tile edging services for literally thousands of kitchen and bathroom counter top installations using the most accurate machine polishing equipment available anywhere. And, Easy Granite Tile is now providing the best in granite tile with a perfect edge to your door step, so that you can do a great granite tile job yourself.'

Easy Granite Tile is currently featuring 30 off sale prices on all of their granite tile, plus deep discounts on Federal Express Freight shipping.

Easy Granite Tile is the developer of a unique, precision machining process to add bull-nose edging to granite tile. Located in the Pacific Northwest, they serve homeowners and tile setters throughout the continental U.S. with premium quality granite tile with custom, precision machine edging. Easy Granite Tile's services are not available in parts of Washington and Oregon.

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