How to Identify the Pebbles

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Nowadays, pebbles are a kind of natural stone material with large market demand. The resources of pebbles are very rich in our country, the regional distribution is also very wide. Everyone knows that pebbles looks is basically the same from appearance, in addition to the size and color difference, there are no other differences, so how to identify the quality of it? Here we will make you clear with this problem.

As we have mentioned above, with our naked eye, the most intuitive difference is in color of the pebbles, the color differences are mainly caused by the geothermal degree and rock impurity components in the process of forming. The pebbles with more pure color are generally less impurity content of natural pebbles, the quality is higher, but the problem is not inevitable. There are a lot of colorful pebbles which look very fancy stone is also very valuable.

In our daily life, what we can see generally is the one with a mass of dark red or diablo, which is used for the gravel road in the street or park. Nowadays, the most important function of pebble stones are used in water treatment work, as a kind of filter material is widely used. As a filter material, you should pay attention on some wind fossil, mottled stone, the stone with deep grain is not qualified, these pebble stones can’t be used in theion of pebbles filter material.

From essentially, pebble stone is difference of good or bad, each pebble has different use, such as in the paving, any stone can be used, and it should use the beautiful stone in the decoration of house generally. you should use the solid pebble in building. the most widely used in the industry of filter material, you must use the pebbles with higher purity. So, pebbles have a lot of use, different quality of pebbles has different application.

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