Granite Flooring

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Granite gets created as magma cools underground. It is generated from various minerals, like feldspar & quartz, which giving it a granular texture and composition.

Granite flooring is a hard-edged material with an attractive natural grain. Its resilience power makes it available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Granite is known for being one of the hardest types of stone, a common factor for it being used within kitchens.

Granites strength also provides its weakness as granite being extremely hard so when it is installed as stone flooring, it requires the subflooring to be leveled completely.

Granite can be available in different colors like black, green, pearl, and galaxy.

Pros of Granite Flooring

* As granite is hard in texture it can be used on heavily loaded flooring.
Granite flooring can be withstanding normal wear and tear.
Its excellent property and durability increase the value of the property.

Cons of Granite Flooring

* Granite flooring requires proper support. If any tinny alleys or bumps present on subflooring, it can cause granite tiles to easily crack.

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