Gray Granite Colors for Elegance and Class Look

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Gray granite stones are beautifully understated, elegant, and often classy looking. When you look at a typical gray granite, you will see dominating gray shade but also a wealth of striking flecks in other colors. Like in any other kind of granite stone, you will discover an abundance of creams, rusts, reds, blacks, silvers, and golds.

Gray granites are, similar to brown options, neutral. However, they are perfect for creating more elegant and contemporary interior decors. They can also be warm and homey similar to brown granite but in a different way. Gray granite countertops are silvery shiny, unquestionably elegant, and unique. Smoky or snowy, gray granite countertops are convenient and affordable - perfect choices for your next kitchen remodel project.

Whether you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a residential or commercial project, gray granite countertops will suit a variety of aesthetics and preferences. Get inspired by two of our most popular and best-selling types of granite gray options - New Caledonia Granite and Steel Gray Granite.

New Caledonia Granite
New Caledonia Granite is one of the most beautiful and the most interesting types of granite in gray color. Intricate shades of grays and white range from light gray to charcoal shade. Add natural beauty and unique, elegant vibe with New Caledonia Granite countertops to the most important room in your home! Their unique, consistent grain structure makes it easy to combine different slabs of this gray granite stone.

Steel Gray Granite
Steel Gray Granite comes from India. It represents a low-variation durable granite stone with an abundance of various gray shades and tiny flecks of lighter grays. Steel Gray Granite countertops present an ideal solution if you love mysterious, dark gray look. They are a perfect example of how you can create a sleek, contemporary decor using traditional stone. Whether you need it for a residential or commercial remodel project.

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