Green Agate Countertops

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Green agate is a breathtaking material to work into a kitchen countertop. It stands out for its touch value on the surface. It's a countertop material that has a glassy or waxy texture within the stone.

More often than not, manufacturers would sand the material down or break inside it if it happens to be in giant slabs. This will expose the waxy and extremely polished texture of green agate after the manufacturing process.

It comes in a somewhat translucent deep green color and has been rumored to go all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Because of how its appearance reminds us of nature because of its mixture of green shades and earth colors, moss or green agate is reminiscent of towering trees and rich brown earth during a sunny day. It is said to be the stone for growers and gardeners and has also been said to heal heart chakras.

It's primarily formed from chalcedony and silicon dioxide, giving the stone its green color. Although the colors of green agate can at times be compared to Jade, it has more complexities to it. A piece of green jade will be uniformly green inside and out.

Green agate, on the other hand, will have bands of layered, concentric, parallel, or even corrugated colors that may have whites, greys, reds, blues, and browns in it on top of the dominant green color.

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