How to Clean Granite Memorials

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a granite headstone. This is the ultimate guide that will better inform you on what to do and what not to do. when it comes to cleaning granite tombstones. This guide will help you clean your loved ones' memory. This step by step guide is only for granite memorials and not to be used to clean marble headstones because marble, being a very soft stone.

* It is always best to start by removing all the dirt or build up as you can before you begin any type of scrubbing.

* Use the brushes and scrapers carefully to pick away any dirt, grass, debris, leaves, moss or any other build up that you can. Ensure that not to scratch the headstone in the process of cleaning.

* Once you've removed all the dirt/build-up from the headstone, wet the headstone with a sponge or by dumping water on the surface gently. Make sure you have used clean water. starting at the bottom, gently remove whatever dirt and build-up is on the headstone. Work your way up to the top. The reason to clean from bottom to top is that you do not want the dirty water from the top of the headstone to drip down onto the rest of the headstone.. Keep using clean water to rinse your sponge and remove dirt, until you see that you have cleaned the headstone as best as you can.

* Dump all the clean water over the headstone for a final rinse. Once you rinse the headstone, Ensure that there is no additional dirt on the headstone left that has to be removed via brush or scraper.

* Ensure that you are satisfied with the appearance of the headstone, then you can pat it dry with clean towels or cloth.

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