Maintenance Tips for Marble Stairs

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When marble tiles and materials are placed outside, is not meant to be shiny, it will not resist. In restoring a marble stair's gloss and shine, it is very possible and you will get a surprising result when done professionally. You can also do it yourself if you have the tools such as grinders.

Sand down a marble tile with the roughest grit to remove old material quickly until you are left with a smooth even finish. then you move up in grit, one number at a time (for example 40, 60, 80, 100, 200, 400) until you get the finish you are looking for. With marble tiles, when you get to 400 -800, you will start to see the shine. After doing this, apply a penetrating sealer to the tiles.

The best way to keep marble stairs clean and constantly shiny, is to incorporate removal of dirt, grit, and other materials that are brought in from outdoors. Most of these substances can cause very minute scratches on the surface of your marble, over time can become noticeable. It would be best to make sure that the surface of the marble is cleaned using a damp cloth, soft broom, or vacuum as regularly as possible.

Cleaning up liquid spills immediately is a good practice, especially if these fluids are acidic in nature. Fruit juice, as well as coffee and red wine may cause permanent spots, since they have a tendency to stain. Even if you've sealed your marble, it's a good idea not to take any chances, and quickly clear spills right away. In addition, remember not to use bleach, vinegar, or any harsh acidic-based cleaners, as these solutions will will degrade the surface of your marble over time.

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