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Also known as yellow granite, gold granite countertops have rich tones which add warmth and brightness to any kitchen setting. It usually has a pattern of elegant veining in mixtures of red, burgundy , black or mineral crystallizations of mica, feldspar or quartz.

The combination of flecks of color against a golden honey colored background give its distinctive attributes which make it the bestselling type of granite in the United States.

Gold granite countertops are typically used for Country themed or Rustic kitchens. It is best paired with mid to dark colored cabinetry such as Honey, Maple or Antique White.

Some of the most common gold granite types are Madurai/Madura Gold Granite, Kashmir Gold Granite, Sunset Gold Granite, Key West Gold Granite, Sta Cecilia Granite and New Venetia Gold Granite.

To achieve a perfect rustic concept for your kitchen renovation, try pairing off any gold granite countertop with an inset style coffee colored cabinets. Add in the right accessories to finish off the look.

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