Paving stone in the landscape

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As an ancient native stone materials with rough and delicate temperament , more performance local flavor and a sense of power , is a continuation of culture and tradition . Stone Nature provides to humans as exceptional practicality materials, landscape paving applications most widely used, with its unique texture , color and arrangement form , vividly described landscape pavement art language , and always guided Landscape Shop loading of the design process.

A , stone pavement in the modern landscape problems associated with the East-West cultural exchanges , the Western concept of Chinese landscape pavement design had a great influence , abuse of crude stone , blurring our living space and living ways to make our landscape paving produced ' thousands of city side ' phenomenon. In our modern landscape paving stone problems are:

1, the blind imitation of existing cases , landscape recognition is not high.
For existing cases , policy makers and the owners are focused 'example'
Do not focus on innovation, see others using stone effect, it mechanically. Face the same landscape stone pavement , it is difficult to discern where he will. The development of the information age , but also accelerated the pace of imitation , coupled with excellent reference case and application of new technologies , the ' landscape features crisis' further aggravated .

2 , foolish pursuit of ' culture', blind worship art.
With the ' Garden City ', ' City of Culture ' and suggested that people began to focus on the city 's artistic style and floor coverings , in strengthening the 'cultural ' elements of the application at the same time , ignoring the functionality of the stone pavement , especially on road pavement , the stone has been brought to people's lives many negative effects.

3 , excessive follow 'grade' , paving the form too monotonous. Landscape pavement in the pursuit of high position , we must also consider the local culture, landscape features and economic level, is not suitable for every landscape stone pavement , stone nature to dig to find the city itself is serene and happy. Especially in today 's era of mass production , China's landscape paving form of a single , rough construction detail is a universal phenomenon , the modern pavement pavement did not play the original function .

Second, the design of the stone pavement in the form of landscape construction process with a gradual increase in the level of pavement design and landscape development , landscape paving stone appear in a variety of combinations, if any : streamlined arrangement form , contrasting arched arrangement forms a straight line ( grid ) type joints type arrangement , parallel form , arranged in concentric circles form , form fan-shaped arrangement , staggered style seamed arrangement form . These form a large extent in the phase performance of a sequence of landscape space , signs , regional , borders , etc., but tracing its portfolio model prototype , or to fade , repeat and launch three kinds constitute the main form . Fully understand these three basic forms , and innovation and use of landscape pavement design will solve our problems in the form of a single , promote stone in the development of landscape design .

1, the stone of the gradient in the form of stone gradient form using the plane constituting the principle of stone basic shape or a basic skeleton as a unit for gradually and regularly combination gives natural beauty , Rhythm and rhythm , and exhibit a kind of harmony and sense of order . Gradient in the form of stone stone shapes and sizes of the gradient, the stone surface texture and texture gradients, gradient color stone itself , stone pavement direction of the gradient and so on. The direction of the gradient of stone from one point to another , in accordance with the principles of perspective and direction , the use of stone outline ascending or descending changes that will have far-reaching sense of landscape spatial performance of the head , reflecting the landscape pavement and landscape spatial axial and concentric . shape gradient refers to the use of stone transition from one shape to another shape , analyze commonalities two shapes and forms a transition zone in the middle , so that the gradient landscape paving and landscaping techniques will bring a strong sense of harmony space and dynamic sense . Stone color gradient and texture gradient in the landscape Pavement , but also and stone size, shape, graded the same, are based on the design concept of the transition to the use of the performance of landscape effects.

2 , stone repeating pattern repeated in the form of stone refers to the use of the same elements of stone or bone for the same continuously and repeatedly arranged , giving the landscape pavement on continuity. This stone arrangement , the effect neatly unified , harmonious and full screen order and repeated image appears , will raise awareness of the landscape here pavement memory , increase awareness of the landscape degree of recognition . Repeating the basic image of the stone pavement landscape constitutes the basic unit , and the whole landscape landscape paving the necessary condition , which according to a certain direction , with graphical positive and negative alternating pattern to form the composition varied . Repeat stone skeleton form basic arrangement form a single stone , such as streamlined arrangement form , parallel arrangement form . stone composition and repeating units arranged in the form , such as line (grid ) where the joint type arrangement, the arrangement form contrasting arch .
These are arranged in the form constitutes a landscape paving and landscape spatial continuity agreement paving the landscape scale , space and color , making life comfortable , romantic and warm pavement and into the landscape among the pavement to raise awareness of landscape and landscape perceptual space .

3 , the emission in the form of stone stone stone is actually launching a special form of repetition and gradual change, based on the basic shape of stone around a central point to launch surrounded constituted graphics. Its characteristics are either from the center to four weeks or four weeks to the launch center will form a strong visual effect, with guidance, full graphic rhythm. Emission in the form of concentric stone launch , centrifugal launch, launch and suspicious transmit to the heart and other forms . Emission form concentric stone is gradually extended by one point to four weeks , there are two modes of concentric circles and concentric rectangles , is to use a gradient to guide people's visual focus , is commonly used in landscape pavement performance practices . Centrifugal launch in stone form, due to launch linear different , there are two kinds of straight and curved . Linear gives a sense of power , especially in large volumes of stone , combined with the stone surface texture , the best performance out of stone geometric beauty . while the curve type gives a soft and varied, especially for small body mass of stone ( such as pebbles ) , the best performance out of the delicate beauty of landscape pavement . Suspicious emission in the form of stone that constitute a plurality of transmitting center , between the emission lines intersect converge to create rich dynamic effect.
Apart from the above individual emission form , there are multiple transmit cross-use form , this form strong sense , attractive , not only to improve the sense of landscape areas of pavement and infiltration sense , but also reflects the landscape pavement humane, stone and the surrounding environment to promote the mutual penetration and integration.

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