Risk is the Requirement of Stone Industry in Our Country

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The demand of stone market appears differentiation, high grade and high quality material is n great demand. With the rise of decoration industry, people for the understanding of the stone material is also more and more deep, meanwhile the requirements are gradually increasing, this have driven the high grade stone material gradually become the mainstream of the market, and become the darling of the stone market. All infrastructure and key project for the demand of the high-grade stone material is rising, parts of high quality stone material appear gaps in some areas, and cause the import of stone greatly increased, which mainly used for the relief of imported variety, the products is mainly for the joint venture enterprise and more high-grade public buildings.

At present, our country stone market has become an important role in the international stone market. Based on the current trends, the production of the world stone material and trade center will turn from Europe to our country in the near future. In the international market, the increasing speed of the stone products is even faster than the world economic growth. The prospect of the stone market is great. Small city and developed areas of the rural will be the hotspot of the stone market consumption. With the increasing of the construction levels in small town, especially the new rural, the investment of construction is also increasing. There is no doubt that the potential of the stone market is huge. The stone decoration has become the hot spots of a rural family adornment. It is reported that more than half of residence decorate in small city in our country select natural stone.

But for our domestic affairs, the enterprise can only use a lot of cheap labor to fill the skilled holes with the backward condition of the production process. This will not only make the benefits of enterprise shrink, but also indirectly cause a series of problems, like the product quality, product maintenance and so on. Then leading to the bottleneck of this industry and bring the risk for the field and the enterprise. Facing the current various circumstances, stone material enterprise should try to improve the production technology, and strengthen the development application of the new products, new arts and crafts and try to improve the added value of the products, and there is no doubt that you will win a wider development business opportunities.

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