Slate Flooring

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Slate is a beautiful porous stone. These types of stone flooring materials are easier to cut and mold into flat flooring sheets. Slate is available in black, grey, and gold colors.

It has a stain-resistant or impenetrable surface which makes it suitable for installation in the kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and living rooms.

Slate works well in both wet and dry areas of the homes. Slate may also be used to create a beautiful mosaic pattern for bedroom walls.

It is a desirable or suitable material to use for creating a warm atmosphere in the home.

Pros of Slate Flooring

* Compare to other types of stone flooring materials, slate is more stain-resistant, highly durable, and handles water well.
* Slate flooring provides slip-resistant and gives a modern or rustic appearance and feel.
* Dark brown slate gives a neat and earthy look to bathrooms and water-closet.

Cons of Slate Flooring

* Slate tiles may be uneven from the quality of tile layering.
* If subflooring is uneven slate can be cracked or heavy objects dropping on the tiles also cause minor cracks to the surface of it.

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