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A lot of homeowners now prefer stone sinks than those made of other materials. Like its aluminum counterpart, stone sinks also meet their needs because of their appearance and functionality. There are many types of stone sinks and the most popular of them are those made of composite stones, solid surface materials, soapstone, marble and fireclay.

If you are considering stone sinks for your kitchen or bathroom, this article is just right for you. Presented below are the different types of stone sinks and their

1.Stone sinks from solid surface materials. These sinks have a warm and soft feel since they were engineered without the seams. Kitchen dirt and stains do not easily seep through these materials so it can be very easy to maintain.

2.Stone sinks from composite stones. These are stones made of either quartz, granite or slate. They are supposed to have a matte finish and should not scratch easily. You can verify if the stone sink you are interested in is really made of such materials by scratching it with a paper clip. These sinks should be resistant to scratches like these.

3.Stone sinks from fireclay. Sinks made from fireclay are the most durable of all stone sinks and buyers should expect them to last 20 to 30 years. They can also be quite costly, as they are made of quartz and feldspar, both of which can be expensive.

4.Stone sinks from soapstone. Most homeowners prefer stone sinks that are made from soapstone as they are the most aesthetically beautiful. They have silky, smooth finish, and are extremely dense so that they can repel stain fairly well. They are also the most expensive, as the materials that are used are mined only in the United States. Soapstone sinks are very durable, stain-resistant and looks very elegant.

5.Stone sinks made of marble. Marble has a very elegant finish and can give an elegant feel to your kitchen. The main drawback, however is that it is relatively porous. Sealing definitely will help to keep it from absorbing liquids, but acidic fluids such as juice, soft drinks, household cleaners, and so on, can cause dull, etched spots. Thus, sinks made of marble should be used with care and proper regular maintenance.

Once you have carefully decided which type of stone sink will best fit your kitchen design, your needs and your budget, the next step is to install it. There are also various available kinds of kitchen sink installations to choose from, the most common of which are undermount kitchen sinks. Undermount kitchen sinks are most difficult to complete however, since they require eliminating the sinks' upper ring so that food, grime and other kitchen dirt can be easily wiped off into the sink. Whatever installation you choose for your stone sink, make sure that they complement each other in terms of style and functionality.

Choosing a good sink is a very important step in coming up with a very functional kitchen. The kitchen sink, along with the main cooking area and the refrigerator, are considered as the three focal point of a kitchen. Thus, getting the most appropriate sink will either add to your kitchen's beauty or destroy it.

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