Stone Tile Application Ideas for Bathroom

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Bathroom tile is both functional and aesthetic. Tile in inherently antibacterial, wet areas like the bathroom works best with or natural stone on the floor. Well, today we would like to share some tile application ideas for reference.

Marble is one of the popular materials in the ornament of home, thus, we would like to introduce it first. Wrapped in the beauty of white Carrara marble , the room boasts a sophisticated, traditional style. The subway-style tiles provide a timeless backdrop for the curvaceous tub and freestanding cabinet.

Another quite hot application of marble tile is for shower. The natural, soothing appeal of this bathroom comes from the blue-green tumbled-marble tiles in the shower stall.

Then, don't miss out the stone mosaic tile. Wide bands of tile on the walls and floor provide textural interest in this sunny bath. Large beige-marble floor tiles balance the vibrant colors of the walls and cabinetry. Mixing colors and styles of tile creates a high-end look.

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