The most important names of marble in the world

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It is one of the rarest and most popular types of marble, which is confused with Carara marble due to similarities in color and design. Like Carrara marble, it is mined in Italy and is known for its pattern of dark and thick veins on a light background (Carrara marble has grayer and thinner veins).


Emperor marble is extracted in Spain and is available in light colors and dark brown. Its brown color has a pattern of very fine and irregular white and gray streaks.


The most common type of marble that is found at a reasonable price compared to other marbles in the market. This type of marble is known for its intricate gray streaks on a white background. One of the most important sources of this type of marble is the marble quarries located in the Apuan Mountains in northern of Italy.


As the name title, it has a black background with bright and delicate streaks. This type of marble has two subgroups of Levadia black marble and Nero Marquina black marble and is found in different countries, including Iran.

* Karma Marfil Marble 'CREMA MARFIL MARBLE'

Among the famous exports of Spanish marble is Karma Marfil marble. It is usually identified by a light beige color with a shade of yellow. Like other marbles, this model has a variety of colors. A type of beige marble called krema is found in a quarries near the Spanish city of Alicante.


Red marble is less used due to its high price. This type of marble can be found in various quarries around the world, including the city of Murcia in Spain.

* Brown marble

This type of marble is considered by many decoration designers because of its attractiveness. Italy, Egypt and Turkey are the main sources of this marble. Iran also has a small share of marble exports.

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