Installing A Soapstone Countertop To Update A Kitchen

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Renovating a kitchen begins with an idea or design theme and involves choosing those materials that will further the design. Of course, it is most effective to choose those elements that will maximize design dollars. Countertop materials come in all varieties and within all budgets. and choosing the material that makes the most sense comes down to the type of lifestyle that you live and the tone that you want to set in your home.

While granite and ceramic tile continue to be popular choices when it comes to countertops, the soapstone countertop is another viable and effective option for outfitting your home with the best in form and function.

Soapstone - much like marble or granite - is harvested from quarries. it is considered a satellite stone and is made up of mostly magnesite, dolomite, chlorite, and talc. Soapstone has enjoyed a long life on this planet. its origins date back three to four hundred years ago. Its properties have lent it to a variety of uses throughout the generations. and for many of the same reasons it is still commonly used today.

As its name suggests, soapstone is soft to the touch and resembles the smooth feeling of dry soap. It is an easily pliable material that has been used in the making of everything from vases to sculptures.

Today, the soapstone countertop is another common household material that utilizes this flexible stone. The natural properties of soapstone make it the perfect material for the making of countertops. Because it is a natural stone it is durable and resilient against heat, scratches, most stains, and even impact.

Because soapstone is inert, alkalis, as well as acids, do not affect it. This is not the case with granite, marble. or slate and for this reason the soapstone countertop has been widely used. Its longevity is another of its major advantages and experts agree that owners can support that longevity through the use of sealants.

When the countertop is first installed, therefore, it is important to seal the stone with mineral oil or a stone sealant which will bring out the dark richness to the stone's natural color and also work as a protective layer on the stone's surface.

But however resilient it is, the soapstone countertop should still be cared for meticulously in order to maintain the integrity of the material. Spills should be mopped up immediately so as not to allow any moisture to permeate the stone. And daily maintenance should include the wiping down of the countertops with only mild or natural cleanser and warm, clean water - using a soft rag to wash the surface.

Another option for taking care of the soapstone countertop is to use standard mineral oil that can be obtained from any pharmacy. Rubbing it onto the stone will darken the stone to nearly black. and even after the passage of time one may easily return the soapstone countertop to its original grayish blue color by using sandpaper.

Like other natural stone material, the soapstone countertop - when cared for properly - can offer many years of beauty and durability.

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