The pros and cons of Limestone Slabs

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Limestone Slab Advantages

There are so many wonderful advantages to installing limestone slabs. In addition to its lustrous beauty, limestone is hardwearing material, making it suitable for interior and exterior design. As it's durable and long-lasting, patio or kitchen limestone installation is a worthwhile investment.

Due to its great versatility, limestone can even be used as a foundation to layer other materials in outdoor areas.

Limestone Slab Disadvantages

Limestone slabs do have disadvantages. Since Limestone is a soft and porous natural stone, it is susceptible to staining and scratching. Therefore, you need to be careful with maintaining your countertop's pristine quality.

If you choose a limestone countertop, you must avoid putting any hot objects, like pots or pans, directly on the surface. Limestone countertops may also develop stains if they come into frequent contact with pigmented chemicals. Moreover, limestone is susceptible to staining from acids. If you spill anything acidic--like lemon juice, tea, or wine--be sure to wipe it up immediately. It is also important to use cleaning agents that are safe for natural stone to clean limestone surfaces and prevent premature wear.

In outdoor settings, limestone is prone to weathering from rainwater and other elements over time.

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