Tips on Cutting Granite Counter Tops

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Beautiful granite countertops can make any kitchen look better. However, even with high-end granite slabs, inaccurate measurements and uneven cuts will make your countertops look cheap and unsightly. Great-fitting granite countertops are worth the inconvenience. Follow some basic tips of the trade to make your granite look like it was installed by a professional.

Get Correct Measurements

'Measure twice, cut once' is an adage that is very applicable when it comes to cutting granite countertops. Aside from the fact that granite is very expensive, it are also difficult to carry and maneuver. Therefore, if you make mistakes on the measurements, when it is time to install, you will not only waste your money, but also put more strain on your back in the process. Using templates made of thin plywood strips, also known as using 'sticks,' you can measure your countertops accurately by tracing the perimeter of the cabinet. Wood templates have the advantage of holding up well in a wet saw environment. If you do not have thin plywood, use roofing felt pieced together with duct tape.

Make sure to label the location of the templates correctly on each one. Make a drawing of the layout of your countertops on a piece of paper and then note the measurement of each location. Be sure to note how much you want your granite countertop to overhang the face frames of the cabinets, typically 1 to 1.5 inches. In addition, note which edges of the counter should have a bullnose or other style of finished edge. Make sure the measurement on the template corresponds to the measurement on paper.

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