Types of beige marble colors

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Beige marble preserves the luminosity of light colors but incorporates chromatic warmth thanks to its toasted tones. It can contain brighter streaks than its base or darker streaks, radically changing the appearance of each variety.


Moscato Beige is a light beige marble. It is calcitic, and it has a homogeneous background. A combination of soft toasted colors compose its base. The veins partially cover the surface and are pearly and brighter compared to the base.


Boticcino is a beige calcitic marble. Its soft beige base contains light golden streaks and white shadows that suggest the movement of the sea foam.

The Boticcino cream marble has an Italian origin, specifically from the borders between Lombardy and Veneto. Faithful to the classic aesthetics of Italian marbles, it manages to delight us with its timelessness.


Premium Beige is the trade name of another calcite marble. It has a background that stands out because of the homogeneity and its subtle beige tone. Its surface intermingles white and notions of broken white offering the possibility of creating luminous environments without the need to resort to pure white. With a clean and crisp appearance, it is commonly used in interior coverings such as bathrooms, kitchens, worktops, and showers.


Travertines have natural colors such as sand, earth, beige and soft ochre. Depending on the type of cut, they can acquire different appearances. The treatment of their holes also influences the aesthetics and final textures.

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